We’re a team of people who care about taxes
Taxes are your least favorite thing.
They’re our favorite thing to make better.
We built Visor because we believe everyone should have full ownership over their financial life. With the help of dynamic tax advisors and intelligent technology, we create a financial strategy that optimizes your assets and income.
Technology can’t do everything, and neither can people. Our tool harnesses machine learning to pinpoint exact deductions, giving our advisors a data-driven understanding that maximizes your savings.
We will file tax returns for you, but we want to do more than that. We believe in relationships with real experts. You can connect to your advisor through our app. Their team guides you through life’s red tape and simplifies your finances.
We’re helping a grad student save thousands of dollars, advising a young professional on home ownership, and celebrating with a client when she expands her family — because that has tax implications, too.
Above all, we’re dedicated to turning this messy, complicated tax code into an experience that’s transparent and personable. We take care of everything because we love taxes (much) more than you do.